Railway Displays

Data Display is a specialist in displays for customer information systems (CIS) on the UK rail networks and continually strive to provide customised hardware and software solutions to best meet our customer’s needs. We have developed a wide range of passenger information displays to satisfy the requirements of the modern rail station, including next train indicators (NTI's), passenger information displays, platform displays, concourse displays and station clocks with over fourteen thousand displays in constant use.

With over 30 years experience of supplying customer information systems (CIS) to well known railway stations and networks in the world, such as London Underground, Paris Metro and New York City Transit , Data Display's expertise in the rail industry is unrivalled.

Data Display UK is qualified and registered under the Link-Up scheme administered by Achilles Information Ltd on behalf of the UK rail industry (registration number 14803).

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Regional Sales Locations

Waterlooville (South)
Newcastle (North)

Data Display UK 023 9224 7500
Data Display Worldwide

Ireland +353 65 707 2600
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France +33 1 64 12 18 18

Sweden +46 171 41 45 90
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